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Are you planning to study in the UK? Many students are very intelligent, and they have the potential to study in world-class universities, but they drop the idea of studying overseas.

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Are you planning to study in the UK? Many students are very intelligent, and they have the potential to study in world-class universities, but they drop the idea of studying overseas. The main hurdle they face is access to these top-ranking universities. Or, the consulting agencies aren't qualified enough to assist them with admission and visa procedures.

Here, UK Gateway Limited can become your top choice to rely on. We eradicate your worries and ensures you with our professional assistance that you can trust us. We can vouch on anything for our validity.  Therefore, your admission to UK universities and the visa process is our top-most priority.


UK Gateway Limited is a UK based student consultant organization operating in Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. We are offering assistance on admission to universities and immigration to the UK. We are right here at the service to guide the potential students who are planning to take place In universities in the UK. Your schooling and getting to the UK are currently our Obligation. We have a very qualified team and our team comprises of highly professional career counsellors. They will thoroughly guide you on which course or degree will be the best for you and what possible options are available for you. Not just that, we have a team of professionals who will help you in choosing the right university, right degree, and other educational related decisions. Our trained team of consultants is in the appropriate position to take you through the steps of admission to the UK and immigration. We have a prepared group of professionals to help you at each progression of migration, consultancy, and training in the UK.

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Students who want to get into UK universities but don’t have any information about how to get there; we are here for you. Our team will contact you for the consultancy regarding which type of degree you want to get and the education line you are willing to get into. We will also discuss the universities you have in mind and aspire to take place in. There will be a list of universities, and you can get complete assistance in choosing the university. Visa consultation, accommodation, and how much it will cost you here in the UK will be explained. You will be thoroughly guided throughout so that you don’t have to face any hindrance once you reach here.

It doesn’t matter how long you want to stay here and continue your education; you will get a complete consultancy from UK Gateway Limited. We are helping with postgraduate, undergraduate, foundation, Pre-masters, pre-seasonal, English language, and research. All of which will be offered throughout the UK, but our company will help you find the best one within your preferable budget. We handle the entire Visa application process and immigration; you don’t have to worry about it. We keep our clients up to date and also make sure that your comfort is our priority. We stay up with the latest and furthermore ensure that your solace is our need.UK Gateway Limited is providing consultancy for years now, and we make sure that we continue to live up to our clients’ expectations. We have a team from the UK as well as Sri Lanka, and all we are concerned about is your education. Unlike many consulting companies, we will not leave you in the way once you get to the UK. We will always be there for you whenever needed, for any consultancy in the field.


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My work with UK Gateway has been really inspiring, not only for professional but also personal areas. Through her very personalized methodology, I have experienced an immediate evolution guided by a great professional. Personally, apart from reinforcing my leadership skills and abilities from a very positive vision,

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UK Gateway is a very skilled company who worked with me to build management and leadership skills, as well as with my team to create teambuilding workshops and daily work protocols. All of us can very much recommend UK Gateway for her professionalism, results orientation and positive mindset.

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Thanks to UK Gateway, for helping me greatly to realize my potential and make me see things that I couldn’t. I am proof of how professional UK Gateway is, because she has managed to take me where I wanted to go and never dared to do so before.

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